10 Ideas for Open Adoption Visits

Yesterday on the Adoption STAR Facebook page, we asked birth parents and adoptive parents for fun outdoor ideas for open adoption visits between birth family and adoptive family members. We received a lot of great ideas which led to today’s blog post. Below you’ll find 10 great ideas for open adoption visits. We are currently working on an extensive list of open adoption visit ideas in specific cities in New York, Ohio and Florida. If you have any suggestions that you think should be added to the list, please email them to alex@adoptionstar.com

10 Ideas for Open Adoption Visits

(In no particular order)

1. Going to the Library – The library is a great place for younger kids to interact with their birth family as everyone takes turns reading books to each other.

2. Movies – This may not be the best place for interaction, but with the current heat wave that has hit the east coast this summer, there are worst things then spending two hours in an air conditioned movie theater. After the move you can go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt and talk about the movie

3. Picnic in the park/playground – A picnic can allow for a nice relaxing setting for an open adoption visit. Make sure to bring a fun game for everyone to participate in!

4. Swimming – If you don’t have a pool in the backyard, there are many community pools that are inexpensive for visitors. Just another way to beat the heat this summer!

5. The Zoo – Fun day for kids and adults alike…who doesn’t like spending the day looking at monkeys and giraffes?

6. Pumpkin/apple picking – Summer won’t be around forever and fall is just a few months away. Going apple or pumpkin picking on a farm will be a treat for everyone involved.

7. Play/kids museums – Many cities have fun museums that cater to children which could be a fun day for everyone.

8. Ice Skating – If fall is just a few months, that means the colder weather is just off in the distance as well. Though some of us don’t want to think about it quite yet, we will be ice skating on the east coast sooner then we’d like to think! Many cities have fun outdoor ice skating rinks where you can rent skates if needed.

9. Buffalo Bills Kids Day or Training Camp: For families in the WNY area, the Buffalo Bills offer severely discounted prices for it’s annual kids day game. This year’s game is the pre-season game on Saturday, August 25. The Bills also have open practices during training camp at St. John Fisher in Rochester. Many of these practice sessions are free to the public. For more information on training camp and kids day, you can visit the team’s official website.

10. Bowling – Another year-round activity; a great to stay warm in the winter and to stay cool in the summer.
These are just 10 of many ideas for open adoption visits. Please send your favorite visit activities that you have enjoyed to alex@adoptionstar.com, and be on the look-out for Adoption STAR’s extensive Open Adoption Visit list coming soon!