Adoption STAR July Podcast: Using Social Media to Adopt With an Adoption Agency

Adoption STAR has two domestic adoption programs for clients to take advantage of; Our traditional adoption program, and our Agency Assisted Private Track Adoption program. The Private Track program gives clients the tools they need to market their adoption journey and network both on-and-off-line. By being a more active participant in their adoption journey, clients who use the Private Track Program are marketing themselves to expecting parents who are considering making an adoption plan. If clients are successful in finding an expecting mother, this woman becomes a client of Adoption STAR and is immediately eligible for Adoption STAR’s 24/7 counseling and support, as well as all other services. Clients who successfully find their own match will receive 50 percent off of the Adoption STAR Placement Fee.

The Private Track program is successful because it allows clients the independence of a private match while still receiving the security of an adoption agency. Clients using Private Track are dual-enrolled in the traditional adoption program, which means they are also eligible to be matched with expecting parents Adoption STAR is working with.

In the July Podcast, Adoption STAR E-Marketing Coordinator, Alex Rubin and Family Advocate and Adoption Social Worker, Missy Spatari, go into more detail about the Private Track program and how you can put the Internet and Social Media to work for you in your adoption journey. If you have any questions or would like more information on Private Track, please email Missy at or call (716)639-3900.

If you’re interested in more information on Adoption and Social Media, Adoption STAR recently published an E-Book entitled “Social Media and Adoption: The effects of Social Media and the Internet on Child Adoption.” This E-Book is available for FREE by emailing