82 Year Old Birth Mother Continues Her Advocacy

This incredible birth mother continues to fight tirelessly on behalf of adoptees and birth parents alike.

00087f74-642Philomena Lee is the birth mother who inspired the film Philomena, a beautiful and heartfelt depiction of a spirited woman who would not give up the search for the son she gave birth to in Ireland. Today Ms. Lee is an adoption rights advocate and she recently spoke up in support of the proposed Adoption Bill in Ireland that permits adoptees access to their records.

Ms. Lee is a proponent of open records and open adoption. She hopes that Ireland moves forward with granting adoptees access to what many consider to be their inherent right – to know where they came from and to have their full identity intact.

Ms. Lee is 82 years old today and said she welcomes the change, should Ireland choose to enact it. Ms. Lee says she is hopeful that Ireland’s system becomes more similar to the one that exists in the UK.