Love Is Not Bound To Blood

Adoptive mother and social justice advocate Lynsay Lews takes on a tough question that is too often asked of adoptive parents.

11060998_10153775697118508_7448479543524218981_nLynsay Lewis recently published an article entitled, “Loving a child who is ‘not my own,’” which you can read in its entirety via this link: Loving a child ‘who is not my own’

We also often hear, “I don’t know if I can love a child that is not my own.” Obviously, the concerned individual is referring to whether they can love a child not genetically related to them.

With all of our collective adoption experiences, and with all of our hearts, we know it is a fact that you can unconditionally love a child that was not born to you.

Ms. Lewis really evaluates this topic and addresses it beautifully in her article. Give it a read!