A Diamond in the Rough

Adoption blogger, speaker and educator Angela Tucker shares a story about how her writing touched a teenage adoptee in a positive (and powerful) way.

cropped-20130520_spu_response-summer-2013_bryan-and-angela-tucker_056We enjoy sharing blog posts from Angela Tucker, as she has a real knack for sensitively and comprehensively addressing a host of adoption-related issues, including (but not limited to) transracial adoption and in openness in adoption.

With that said, there was a wonderful blog post from 8/31/15 that Angela excitedly shared with her readers. You can find the blog post in question via the following link: A TEENAGE ADOPTEE WHO KNOWS HE IS A “DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH”

Allowing adolescent adoptees an opportunity to feel “heard” and understood through literature is important, and Angela Tucker is an adult adoptee whose prolific writing is accomplishing just that. Kudos to Angela for her commitment to sharing her experience and insight, and for doing so in a way that is honest, even-sided and multifaceted.