National Baby Safety Month

September is National Baby Safety Month, and we’ve got some great resources for new or prospective adoptive parents to an organization focused on child welfare, we’re keenly aware of the importance of remembering baby safety each and every day. The topic is one that we address repeatedly in both literature and training for all of our prospective adoptive parents. So, it seems strange to encourage people to consider and research baby safety for just one month, as it should be a top of mind issue for new parents on a daily basis!

However, calling attention to the importance of baby safety is something that we wholeheartedly support. If designating a month specifically to the topic ultimately draws notice to its significance, we can certainly stand behind it!

Having that said, here are some excellent resources to review and become familiar with as a part of this month-long awareness campaign:

Safe Kids Worldwide provides a page of useful links that are specific to baby safety. provides a locator tool for certified inspection sites that can provide guidance on proper car seat use and installation:

Babycenter provides information on buying safe baby products.