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SEnovia CuevasAdoption STAR Administrative Assistant, Senovia Cuevas talks about her role at the agency and the satisfaction she feels from providing assistance to clients in the midst of their respective adoption journeys.

As the Administrative Assistant, I am the first person to speak with most of the families when they contact the agency and I connect them with our staff. I love my job for a variety of reason, one in particular being this – I am able to be part of the emotional roller-coaster that is adoption. There are those moments of excitement, fear and, sometimes, disappointment when families call the agency. I take pride in being able to assist each family during our conversations, even if the only thing I can offer are kind words or a reassuring tone. During my time at Adoption STAR, I have been privileged enough to witness forever families being created. It is truly amazing to see the process families go through; every few weeks, their files grow as the paperwork flows in and their calls become more frequent.

While working at STAR, I have learned that every adoption journey is different. There is no “normal” experience. And, while this can be scary for most people who pursue adoption, it is safe to say that every client eventually find a balance between the excitement and the anxiety. Each client copes with the unknowns in their own way, but it all begins with asking questions and trusting in yourselves and the agency’s advice.

Most often, a caller’s emotional state is apparent when they reach out to the agency for the first time. After a quick “hello” from me, calls often lead to a long list of questions that a caller may want answered or a problem that they are facing. Even as new callers transition into familiar clients, there are still moments when their fears and anxieties about the unknown leads to questions about “how” and “when.” While I may not be able to answer all of their questions, I always do my best to provide each client with my undivided attention. Most often, callers and clients need someone to hear them out and consolidate their thoughts into a concise message to relay what is happening at that moment.

Through all of the difficulties, confusions, precious moments and tears that adoption will inevitably bring, my hope is that each person who reaches out to Adoption STAR will find some comfort in the services and advice that we offer. The adoption process is seldom an easy journey. However, our agency is committed to alleviating the pressures associated with the process by supporting, training, advocating and providing resources to all individuals involved in the adoption process. For this reason, I always encourage callers and clients to call us at any stage of the process, even if their concerns seem small. There is comfort in knowing there are people looking out for your best interest and this is what Adoption STAR hopes to do for our prospective adoptive parents, birth parents, and their families and friends.

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