A Reflection of Love

Adoption STAR’s International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomery reflects on her recent visit to Sofia, Bulgaria

During my recent visit to Sofia, Bulgaria, I found myself in awe of the strength even the tiniest people have, especially when supported by a wonderful family. This past month one of our Adoption STAR families finalized the adoption of their 3-year-old daughter from Bulgaria. I was blessed to have been witness to the most intimate part of their journey. Below is a journal entry I made during the trip that I feel is a true demonstration of the “journey” of adoption.

December 15, 2015

This little girl is transitioning to a new life before my eyes.

Imagine yourself removed from your home and family without any choice in the matter. That the language spoken in this new ‘home” is not familiar to you. The people comforting you are new to your likes and habits.

The strongest of people could crumble under the stress of such an upheaval.

What I see is a little girl finding many non-verbal ways to communicate her needs. A little girl who is teaching her new parents how to comfort her by showing them what she wants and needs. She is surely grieving too, but she is mighty in her will and she seems focused on her existence in this changing world.

The new parents and older brother are transitioning too.

Imagine traveling to an unfamiliar country, where you don’t speak the language or know your way around. You are staying in a room that is not your own, without your regular comforts of home. And add to this the transition from a family of three to a family four.

What I see is a family with unconditional acceptance and love for their newest family member, supporting each other through the emotions that come along with big changes. They are focused on the future by meeting each other’s needs today. They are building a foundation for life together.

As these four forge a new life together – I watch from the sidelines. I see their strength, compassion, love and need for one another creating a beautiful family. I am in awe of their journey.

“Love is taking a few steps backward maybe even more…to give way to the happiness of the person you love.” – Winnie the Pooh