Visiting Bulgaria

Adoption STAR’s International Adoption Coordinator Meg Montgomery shares information about this one of a kind country.

image Our own Meg Montgomery had a chance to visit Bulgaria (along with an Adoption STAR family that was in country as a part of their adoption) in late 2015. She recently wrote a blog about her trip. If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so here:

A Reflection of Love

As per the website Lonely Planet, “From wild wooded mountain ranges speckled with remote villages and enchanting monasteries to vibrant modern cities and long sandy beaches hugging the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria rewards exploration.”

Meg feels as though Bulgaria is a viable international adoption option that families should consider. Having to spend time in the country as a part of the adoption journey would not be a bad thing! The following link (which Meg forwarded to us to share with all of our blog readers) makes Bulgaria seem even more enchanting and worthy of a visit!

10 Reasons to Visit Bulgaria 2016

To learn more about Adoption STAR’s international adoption program in Bulgaria, please visit the following webpage:

Bulgaria Adoption Program