Adoptee Voices: Angela, Ella and Ariana

Adoption blogger, speaker, and educator Angela Tucker shares an important video via a recent blog post on her website.

Untitled-1Over the course of the last year, Adoption STAR has highlighted blog material written by Angela Tucker. A recent blog post (dated 12/2/14) on her website features a video of a chat that Angela had with two adoptees, both of whom happen to be young school-aged girls. Their names are Ella and Ariana.

The video is well worth watching, as these three adoptees have an impressive conversation sagely guided by Angela. Adoptive parents of young children need to hear what’s said in this video, as the piece covers a host of important topics, including (but not limited to):

  • What kinds of questions do school aged kids ask school aged adoptees about adoption?
  • When adoption-related questions are sensitive or even inappropriate, how do you handle it?
  • How can you tell when someone is asking a question from a place of good intent versus a place of cruel intent?
  • How do you deal with questions about your family, be it adoptive family members or birth family members?

Adoptees that are willing to share their stories, experiences, and opinions hold the key to deeper understanding and enlightenment for adoptive parents. Regardless of whether you’ve already adopted or you hope to adopt, we encourage you to watch and listen to this video:

“I Live With My Real Mom, She’s Not A Ghost!”