Adoption STAR and Employee Education

Adoption STAR promotes the value of continuing adoption education for all – clients and staff alike.

There are a host of professionals that are required to show ongoing evidence of professional education/development from year to year. This may be a requirement as a term of their employment with a specific company or organization. It may also be a requirement if they want to maintain their chosen profession’s credentials/licensure.

Adoption STAR is no different in this regard. All employees of Adoption STAR are required to obtain no less than 15 hours of training per year (and training logs with accompanying certificates, if applicable) have to be submitted annually in December of every year and are kept in each employee’s personnel file.

This is a requirement that the agency deeply values, as adoption as a process does not exist in a vacuum. Adoption is dynamic and constantly evolving over time (as evidenced by how much adoption has changed even in the last handful of years). Whether it’s a change in adoption practice, a new law or statute governing adoption, a change in the federal adoption tax credit, or new research on adoption service provision, Adoption STAR staff members need to be “in the know,” and we take the necessary steps each and every year to ensure staff are committed to ongoing, regular professional development and education.

So, it’s important for our prospective adoptive parent clients to know that while they’re in the midst of earning their required educational credits (as a part of the home study process), Adoption STAR staff members are participating in their own form of securing education “credits,” too!