Adopting From Haiti

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti two years ago, the US and Haitian governments allowed approximately 1,100 children who were on the verge of being adopted from Haiti, to be flown to the United States, where their adoptive parents were allowed to finish the adoption at a later date. This, according to an NBC News feature, was “an extraordinary humanitarian gesture that’s been compared to rescue airlifts of children during times of war.”

The two video reports below follow the Wilson family from Nashville, TN. According to the report the Wilson’s were in the process of adopting two girls from Haiti, Naika and Tia, when the earthquake in Haiti happened. After the earthquake Mike Wilson spent weeks in Haiti trying to bring home the two girls. While there he met Brian Williams and the NBC News team, who have since followed up on the Wilson family once a year. These two video reports look at the family as well as their returns to Haiti and adopting from Haiti.

The Wilson’s have not forgotten about Haiti. In fact they have been back there several times, visiting their daughter’s old orphanage and helping build new homes for families that lost theirs in the earthquake. They said in the feature that they plan to move the whole family to Haiti in the upcoming years to run a new orphanage that they are currently building.

At the end of the second video, the reporter Allen Wilson, speaks about adopting internationally. Wilson adopted a child from Ethiopia, and said that “(adopting internationally) is a very complicated thing to do.” If you are looking into adopting internationally, make sure you are working with a HAGUE Accredited agency, such as Adoption STAR.

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