Adoption Advice: One Adoptee’s Perspective

Madeleine Melcher continues to spur lively discussion about adoption with her insightful commentary and insight.
We featured one of Madeleine Melcher’s Huffington Post articles on our blog last week, and an additional piece that she wrote for the Huffington Post (dated 4/6/15) is also well worth reading. Many folks touched by adoption have encouraged others to take the time to read this article, including some Adoption STAR adoptive parents (as evidenced by all the sharing of the article that’s been done via Facebook).

A link to the article in question, which is entitled “What an Adoptee Wants You to Know About Adoption,” can be found here: What an Adoptee Wants You to Know About Adoption

One of the things we appreciate most about Melcher’s recent work is that it strives to speak to (and therefore, be of value to) all members of the adoption triad…and in some circumstance, the general public at large. She also repeatedly stresses that while she’s happy to share her thoughts and feelings on adoption, they are in no way representative of how every adoptee may think or feel about adoption. Acknowledging the broad range of emotions and responses to adoption is an excellent way to disarm people, thereby encouraging a more broad-based discussion. Happy reading…and as always, if you want to comment on the article itself, feel free to do so via our Facebook page.