Birth Parent Gratitude

A recent text message from an Adoption STAR birth parent client conveys how fortunate our agency feels to work with so many incredible birth mothers.

adopt4Last evening, Adoption STAR CEO/Founder Michele Fried sent the following e-mail message to staff:

“Our jobs can be very stressful but I am confident that we all are doing what we do because we love Adoption STAR. But, it is always extra special when a client takes the time to say ‘thank you.’ Today, a simple e-mail meant so much to me; all it said was, ‘Thank you, Michele. We can’t express how wonderful Adoption STAR is!’ You all know how something like that makes you feel…and I love hearing from all of you about the beautiful sentiments you receive as well! What has always amazed me over the years is that birth parents thank US for what we do when it is them we are truly in awe of. Today, after a long day and a very long weekend, Sue Shaw (Adoption STAR Birth Parent Department Supervisor), who often gets these kinds of ‘thank you’ sentiments via text message, got a particularly special one that I wanted to share with all of you. This is not a surprise Sue, as it is very deserved, but it is truly a pleasure to share with all of you.”

Here’s some of the content of the text message to Sue that Michele references:

“I can’t thank you enough for how easy you made all this…I know that if I hadn’t met the adoptive parents, I would not be so at ease and know how well taken care of my daughter will be. I can tell how much your love your job from the amount of effort and love you put into it.”

Michele says it best – all of us here at Adoption STAR are truly in awe of birth parents. To have so many birth mothers thank us for what we do only magnifies this level of awe, as it is the birth mothers that deserve all the appreciation and thanks in the world. Their decision to place a child, albeit it an undoubtedly difficult one, is one that is often based in a deep love for their child and a thoughtful consideration of what the birth mother has decided is in the best interest of the child.

A special “thank you” to Sue Shaw for the incredible commitment and dedication she shows to her expectant parent and birth parent clients here at our agency. There is going to be a special presentation in honor of Sue at our agency’s upcoming “15 and Fabulous: Fifteen Years of Touching Lives” event in May. If you’d like to be in attendance for the event (and Sue’s presentation), please RSVP via the following link: RSVP to “15 & Fabulous, Fifteen Years of Touching Lives”.

We look forward to celebrating at the event with so many adoptive parents, adoptees, and of course, birth parents.