Adoption Agency in New York, Ohio and Florida

Do you believe that every child deserves a forever family? Do you believe that every child no matter their race, background, or circumstances should have a family?

Adoption STAR does.

Which is why Adoption STAR  promises every child a forever adoptive family, And why the agency is always seeking prospective adoptive families who are open to loving a child whose background may include “at-risk” factors such as drug abuse, mental illness in the birth family, or simply a child who is non-Caucasian.

If you know someone who may be considering adoption, forward this link to them right now! So many people don’t know that this opportunity exists and we need your help to reach them.

Adoption STAR works with adoptive families in New York, Ohio and Florida. You can contact the agency by email or phone at (866)691-3300.

Adoption STAR holds FREE monthly adoption orientations across New York, Ohio and Florida. Please visit our event calendar to find the next session close to you.