Adoption In The News

Good Morning everyone! Today’s article is from the Washington Times, and it showcases the work of Dr. Jane Aronson, who is the founder of Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Aronson visits orphanages in many countries and blogs about her experiences on the Worldwide Orphans Foundation website. The Washington Times used two of her blog posts, one from her trip to Haiti and the other from a trip to Vietnam, for the article.

Aronson is incredibly honest in her posts as she talks about how her foundation can’t help the orphanage in Haiti because they can’t trust the orphanage’s director to not misuse the funds. She’s also honest about her experiences in Vietnam, saying that “Yes, they are clean and fed and loved in a way, but they lack unconditional love and commitment, which is the core of what makes a baby happy, healthy, and developing on target.”

It must have been difficult for Aronson to visit that Haitian orphanage, see all the children who could have benefited from the foundation’s help, and decide that they were still unable to provide the help the children needed.