Celebrating Mother’s and Birth Mother’s Day: Katee’s Story

This is a big weekend for Adoption STAR as we will be celebrating Birth Mother’s Day on Saturday, as well as Mother’s day on Sunday. This week on the blog we will be sharing stories from both adoptive and birth mothers about mother’s day, birth mother’s day, and their adoption journeys.

Today we share with you one birth mom’s adoption journey. Katee discovered she was 7-months pregnant when she was 16 years old. She said that her family would have been supportive if she had decided to raise her child, but realized that at 16 this was not the right time in her life to be a mother, so she formed an adoption plan.

While Katee says the first birth mother’s days were depressing at times, she has since learned to accept and respect the decision she made, and now looks at the day as an opportunity to “celebrate my decision and those that supported me through the process.” She also looks at the day as a way to celebrate her birth son and his family.

“At first birth mothers day seemed a bit depressing and was not something I wanted to take part in. As time passed I realized that it was not a day for sadness but a day to celebrate the selfless decisions that myself and other birth mother’s made,” Katee said.

Katee now attends the Adoption STAR birth mother’s day celebration each year with her mother, grandmother, sister-in-law and best friend as they celebrate her birth son Camden and his family.

Katee has an open relationship with Camden and his family and is thankful that open adoption has allowed her to remain a part of Camden’s life.

“With open adoption the families involved have their questions answered. I know that personally, it gives me a sense of peace knowing that I know who Camden is with, and I am confident in the fact that his family loves him more than words can say,” Katee said. “Through open adoption Camden is able to know that not only does his own family love him, but he is loved by so many others in my life as well.”

Making an adoption plan can be a difficult decision, and Katee says one of the most important aspects is having a support system.

“Whether it’s your family, friends, or other birth mothers, support was what got me through, and I credit my amazing family for that,” Katee said. “I do not think I could have done it without them.”

If you would like to read more about Katee and other birth mothers, please visit the Adoption STAR website.