Adoption In The News: Talking to Your Child About Adoption

Good Morning everyone! It’s Cinco De Mayo, so I hope everyone is having Mexican food for lunch or dinner today. For a lot of us in Buffalo, that mean’s a quick stop to Mighty Taco.

In this blog post from, Dr. Michael Thompson, who is an adoptive father as well as a therapist, speaks about his family’s adoption journey and share’s five questions about adoption that he is frequently asked. If you have more adoption-related questions, Adoption STAR also has a Frequently Asked Questions section.

One point that the Adoption STAR staff would agree with is how to bring up the topic of adoption to your child. In the post Thompson says that “I still run into parents who are waiting until their children are 5 or 6 before telling them. Yikes! Even if you are open and positive about adoption from the beginning, direct conversations about it can be emotionally difficult for parents and children alike. Waiting years to drop this bomb can mean intense feelings of hurt and betrayal for the child, because it changes his or her feelings of identity so radically.”

At Adoption STAR, we recommend to our parents that they start the adoption conversation day 1. If you begin the conversation early and often, you have the opportunity to make adoption a positive topic. If you would like more information, here is a past Adoption STAR blog post with 10 tips for talking to your children about adoption.

If you are looking for more information on being an adoptive parent or birth parent please visit the Adoption STAR website.