Celebrating Mother’s and Birth Mother’s Day: Jenn’s Story

This is a big weekend for Adoption STAR as we will be celebrating Birth Mother’s Day on Saturday, as well as Mother’s Day on Sunday. This week on the blog we will be sharing stories from both adoptive and birth mothers about Mother’s Day, Birth Mother’s Day, and their adoption journey.

Today is the adoption journey of Jenn. Jenn has made an adoption plan for three of her children and is also parenting two children.

Jenn has an open adoption with her birth children and their adoptive families.  She says that Birth Mother’s Day provides her an opportunity to see all of the children together.

“Birth Mother’s Day is not just for the birth mother, but for the children and the extended family,” Jenn said.

Jenn said that while Birth Mother’s Day is a time to get to see all of her children, Mother’s Day can be “bitter sweet…I think about the other children (that have been adopted), it’s emotional, but I get through it.”

Jenn has a special relationship with one of the adoptive families, in fact because the couple is two men they feel comfortable having their son refer to Jenn as mom.

Jenn provides advise to those considering making an adoption plan for their child, “Make sure it’s something you really want to do,” she said. “Take the time to really get to know the adoptive parents.”

Besides going to the Adoption STAR Birth Mother’s Day Celebration, Jenn says she spends Birth Mother’s Day with her sons, and they talk about the children who were adopted and how they are both feeling.

Jenn enjoys her connection with Adoption STAR and participates in many of the Birth Parent events.

Happy Birth Mother’s Day and Happy Mother’s Day Jenn!