Adoption Is Just the Beginning…

Two adoption experts weigh in on important adoption-related realities and common themes.
Authors April Dinwoodie and Kimberly Paglino co-wrote a 2/4/16 article for Adoption Today entitled, “Adoption Needs.” The article is well-written and noteworthy for a variety of reasons, but we were particularly struck by this: so many of the themes mentioned in the article are themes that Adoption STAR repeatedly espouses when talking about adoption to clients, healthcare/helping professionals, or the community at large.

The common themes, in part, are:

  1. Adoption is a lifelong journey that has lifelong implications for all members of the adoption triad;
  2. Adoptive families that seek post adoption support reap tremendous benefits from doing so;
  3. Grief and loss is a part of each and every adoption plan and cannot be ignored or “swept under the rug.”
  4. Openness in adoption can create connection and contact between the adoptive family and the biological family, which can be of great benefit to the adoptee.

You can find a full link to the article here: “Adoption Needs.”