Famous Adoptive Parents

A recent article highlights some of the many famous people that have chosen to become adoptive parents.
We here at Adoption STAR find that there is always a great deal of curiosity that surrounds the adoption process in general. Given the amount of both curiosity and media attention that’s typically ascribed to Hollywood’s best and brightest, it’s not a surprise to find stories about famous people that adopt a child (or children) typically get A LOT of press.

Earlier this month, Adoption STAR Founder/CEO Michele Fried recently came across an article by Meg Kehoe entitled, “21 Celebrities Who Adopted Kids.” You can find a full link to the article itself here: 21 Celebrities Who Adopted Kids

One of the things we like most about the article is the open acknowledgment that the celebrities on the list wound up adopting for a variety of different reasons, a reality that’s very relatable for adoptive parents that are not celebrities themselves.

Adoption STAR’s website also houses a section that’s specific to famous people that have adopted. You can find our even more comprehensive list here: