Adoption Leave at Work

Do you feel those who give birth get preferential treatment at work?

The U.S. Department Of Labor’s Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) states that both biological and non-biological parents who work for employers who have 50 or more employees are permitted twelve weeks of unpaid leave within the first twelve months of their child’s birth or adoption.

However many employee handbooks at large companies state that if you adopt a child you get only eight weeks off from work. But if you give birth you can take at least an additional four weeks off. Some companies say that their reasoning is that they provide a financial adoption benefit and that outweighs providing the time off.

One company that has been in the news for their forward thinking is Facebook. Facebook does not differentiate between different types of parents. All parents, including same-sex couples and singles, are given four months of paid leave as well as $4,000 in baby cash.

In the past, Adoption STAR has honored local businesses who are adoption friendly workplaces.

In a past article, Adoption STAR addressed this very topic, Do You Have An Adoption Friendly Workplace?

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