Adoption Realities – True versus False

A recent article works to address some of the most common misconceptions about adoption.

25486038Adoption STAR’s prospective adoptive parent clients often come to the agency being fairly “green” as it relates to an in-depth understanding of all things adoption. This is understandable and not meant to be a criticism (as evidenced by the fact that our clients complete home study classes and mandatory educational activities as a part of their home study – we don’t expect folks to “come to the table” as adoption experts).

Interestingly enough, after going through the required educational components of the home study and then ultimately adopting a child, Adoption STAR adoptive parents will often look back and reflect on what they once thought to be true about adoption and say something to the effect of, “Wow….I can’t believe I ever thought that was actually how it worked!”

Whether it’s an Adoption STAR in-service or training in the community, an orientation session for potential new clients, or just an information table we’re staffing at a health fair (or similar event), Adoption STAR staff are constantly demystifying the adoption process for folks who have questions about what it all looks like or how it all works….and just about EVERYONE we encounter does indeed have questions.

A recently published article by contributor Whitney Barrell entitled 10 Adoption Myths Debunked is not a particularly lengthy piece, but it does a great job of succinctly and systematically helping readers understand that realities of adoption. You can find a link to the article here: 10 Adoption Myths Debunked.