Adoption STAR Celebrates Mothers: Robyn’s Story

This is a big weekend for Adoption STAR as we will be celebrating Birth Mother’s Day on Saturday, as well as Mother’s Day on Sunday. This week on the blog we will be sharing stories from both adoptive and birth mothers about mother’s day, birth mother’s day, and their adoption journeys.

Today we share with you one adoptive mom’s adoption journey. Robyn and her husband Greg adopted their daughter Taylor almost two years ago and have a biological son Seth, who is eight-years-old.
Robyn said that her entire immediate family has brunch together each Mother’s Day, and she also goes to the cemetery to visit her mother and tells her about her grandchildren.

“(My mother and I) always spent Mother’s Day together growing up, unfortunately she did not know either child,” Robyn said. “(Our family) always spends time together, it’s important to spend time together.”
One thing Robyn and Greg were worried about during the adoption process was the age of their son Seth, who was six at the time Taylor was adopted. They wanted to make sure there was not too large of an age-range between the siblings.

“For us it took two years to adopt our daughter,” Robyn said. “We had been profiled several times. Because we had a six-year-old son we thought eventually we’d have to close the door because the age range was getting greater, and we were getting older.”

Finally the family received a call at nine o’clock one morning that their potential daughter was born at six o’clock the night before.

“Taylor was surrendered to us at 4 pm that afternoon. She was born on April 22nd, and came home April 24th, which is my birthday. So that was my birthday gift,” Robyn said.

With Birth-Mother’s Day coming up Robyn said Taylor will know “her birth mother loved her very much…We’ll also tell her that even though she didn’t grow in my tummy, she grew in my heart,” Robyn said.

Becoming a mother has brought many surprises, both wonderful and challenging, and Robyn says the best part of being a mother is how much joy her children add to her life.

“The things they say are just so honest. Because my children are still so young they have unconditional love,” Robyn said. “I’m fortunate that my kids are so compassionate. I’d like to think I did something right. Seeing the world through they’re eyes puts a different perspective on things.”

As for the future, Robyn is looking forward to watching Taylor and Seth grow up and growing closer as a family.

“(I’m looking forward to) watching them develop and develop friendships and grow as people. Hopefully I’ll see them grow up and get married and see them throughout those days.”

Happy Mother’s Day Robyn!

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