Adoption STAR Pen’s Trip to Boston

The Adoption STAR Pen recently made a trip to Boston to take in the sights and a ball game at Fenway Park. Check out its pictures from Harvard and Fenway Park. Extra points if you can name the “Three Lies” from the “Statue of lies” pictured below.

The goal of the Adoption STAR Pen Around The World Project is to tell a story at the end of the year of where the Pen has been in 2012. If you would like to participate by taking pictures with the pen, please email Alex Rubin with a request for pens. Once you receive the pens and take the pictures, please send them back to Alex.

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The Adoption STAR Pen at famous Fenway Park in front of the “Green Mon-stah.”

Fenway Park the <strong><noscript><img decoding=John Harvard Statue

The Adoption STAR Pen at the gravesite of famous nursery rhymes author, Mother Goose.

Mother Goose's grave