Adult Adoptee Voices – Angela Tucker


Angela Tucker is a valued voice in the adoption community! Learn more about her story (and her work) in today’s blog post.

As per Angela Tucker’s website,

Angela Tucker is a trans-racial adoptee, adopted from foster care – born in the South and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She recently reunited with some of her birth relatives, and is still actively searching for another birth sister as is chronicled in the documentary, Closure. Angela holds a B.A. in Psychology and is a contributing author for Woven Together and Perpetual Child: Adult Adoptee Anthology: Dismantling the Stereotype. She is also a contributor for a book due out in Fall 2014 entitled Dear Wonderful You: Letters to Adopted and Fostered Youth. Angela has delivered keynote speeches for the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys annual conference, adoption camps, birth parent fundraisers, birth parent retreats and other functions around the nation. She also writes a column on Adoptees and ableism for The Lost Daughters. She has been featured in Psychology Today, Adoptive Families Magazine,, Huffington Post and other mediums.

Angela’s perspective and insight is invaluable, and we hope Adoption STAR families will utilize her work and consider is an important resource!