African and Caribbean American Culture Day 2015

Adoptive families and prospective adoptive families are invited to join us on Saturday, February 28th for what’s going to be an incredible celebration!
“Our children need regular and comfortable connection to the cultures with which society will identify them. And as parents, we must work to become conscious of the impact of our choices on our children’s cultural identity. Learning to develop and employ this consciousness, though challenging, is well worth every effort you can make.

Feeling different makesus feel isolated from others. This is why group activities – whether social, educational, or therapeutic – are so useful for adopted and foster children. In the company of others who have felt the same way, children can see that they are not the only ones. They are not the only children in the world who sometimes feel they way they do.

Encouraging a respect and appreciation for other cultures will enhance your children’s own cultural identity. Developing an affinity with other historically disenfranchised groups is one way to combat the sense of isolation that a transracially-adopted child might feel” – Gail Steinberg and Beth Hall.

The aforementioned quotes represent just some of the reasons why families that have (or hope to) adopt transracially should attend our upcoming African and Caribbean American Culture Day! Come celebrate with us on the final day of Black History Month through cultural crafts, music, dance, food and more. To learn more about the event itself, check out the following information via the event’s Facebook page.

Please call Adoption STAR at 716-639-3900 or e-mail the agency at to RSVP.