Beautiful Open Adoption Story from Wisconsin

A Wisconsin-based adoptive family and birth family come together to share the touching story of their open adoption.
For many just beginning the adoption process, the concept of open adoption appears to be another complication they would rather not deal with. Many prospective adoptive parents, weary from years of infertility or from home study procedures, often say, “We are not willing to pursue an open adoption.”

What can Adoption STAR say to prospective families about this issue? How can we have them consider changing their minds or at least be willing to consider an open adoption? Our answer is simply this: No matter where your child is adopted from or if your adoption is completely closed, you will, as adoptive parents, need to “deal with” your child’s birth family whether you know them or not. The child’s birth family is a part of who your child is.

Adoption doesn’t have to be about the adoptee losing one family and gaining another. Instead, openness in adoption is redefining family by changing the idea of who and what family is. Open adoption can expand the circle of loves ones that are surrounding the adoptee, thereby allowing the adoptee to benefit from (and feel loved by) an even greater number of people in their life.

A recent story featured on WEAU 13 News in Eau Claire, Wisconsin serves as a perfect example of the many benefits that are gained from openness in adoption for all parties involved. Here’s a link to the story (and we’d recommend taking the time to watch the video associated with the piece if you are able to do so): Exporing Open Adoption