Am I Pregnant?

For some, the thought of becoming pregnant is a dream come true, while for others it’s an unexpected situation. Whatever the circumstances, there are questions that need to be answered.

One of the first answers you may want to know is approximately when you are due. The Adoption STAR website provides a pregnancy calculator that can give you an approximate date. If you believe you are pregnant and have not seen a doctor, we suggest you make an appointment to receive an official pregnancy test and due date.

After receiving confirmation from a physician that you are pregnant, you may want to visit the Adoption STAR page that will give you specifics on pregnancy nutrition, weight gain during pregnancy, exercising during pregnancy, and prenatal care. You will also want to consult your doctor with any questions about these topics.

Lastly, if your pregnancy is unplanned and you’re considering all of your parenting options, the Adoption STAR website can help you begin to think about adoption as an option.

After reading this page, you would want to review the specifics of creating an adoption plan. If you’re interested in hearing more about creating an adoption plan, then you can fill out the expectant parent information request form, or contact Adoption STAR by phone toll free at 866-691-3300.

Whether your pregnancy was planned or unplanned it is always important to be informed and as prepared as possible.