Help Me Help You

“Help me. Help me help you. Help me…help you. HelpMeHelpYou.”

While watching Jerry Maguire for the millionth time recently, this line stuck out to me. As Tom Cruise rapidly repeated “Help me help you, help me…help you, help…me help you,” I was thinking about the Adoption STAR blog.

The blog is over one month old and we have some really exciting projects coming in the future, including videos, podcasts and much more, but we’d like to know what topics you would like for us to cover. Would you like to see more adoption related news? more commentary and opinion? More adoption journey stories? Are you interested reviews of adoption books and movies?

Our goal is to make the blog a mandatory visit on a daily basis, so we’d like to hear from our readers! Please feel free to leave responses in the blog comments, or you can email Alex at