An Amazing International Adoption Reunification Story

A recent NBC News piece highlighted a Korean adoptee’s story that will warm the hearts of people touched by international adoption.

wethelees001_bb3e5ffa6502981a73f6d929fd4a7212.nbcnews-ux-600-480There are a variety of different factors that will affect an adult adoptee’s ability (or inability) to secure information regarding their biological family, history and heritage. For those that were adopted internationally, their country of origin and its adoption systems/procedures will often times have the single largest impact on an adoptee’s ability to secure ANY of this type of information.

For Korean adoptee Whitney Fritz, the opportunity to locate and ultimately meet her biological family was an option – and one that she took advantage of thanks to the prodding and encouragement of her adoptive family.

To read about Whitney’s wonderful story, please click on the following link: Adoptees’ Search for Self Leads to Love, Marriage, and a Family Reunion