Art & Brian’s Journey to Aidan – Older Child Foster Care Adoption Success Story

Older Child Adoption - Adoption STAR

In this episode, host Shaun Doyle interviews Art and Brian about their family and how it grew when they adopted an older child from foster care, Aidan. They adopted Aidan with the help of Adoption STAR’s A-OK program and are ready to grow their family again! Their story is really incredible and completely heart-warming.

Topics covered:

  • Journey to adoption
  • Deciding on older child adoption versus infant adoption
  • Finding Aidan
  • Meeting & Visitation
  • Bringing Aidan home and adjustment to life as a new family
  • Support from social workers and lessons learned in the adjustment process
  • Challenges along the way
  • Finalizing Aidan’s adoption & Celebration
  • Helping Aidan adjust to school, the process of advocating for him
  • Staying on the same page as parents during this process, communicating
  • An interview with Aidan who shares his perspective on the adoption process, his lessons learned and his wish for all kids waiting in foster care to be adopted

Learn more about adopting an older child through A-OK right here.