Answers to 8 Adoption Trivia Questions

Earlier today, we asked you eight adoption trivia questions in honor of National Adoption Month. Below, you will find the answers to the questions.

1. Who Was the first President to declare “Adoption Week”

A: President Gerald Ford, who was adopted himself  (1976)

2. Who was the first President to declare “National Adoption Week”? (Not the same as question 1)

A. President Ronald Reagan, who was an adoptive father (1984)

3. When is National Adoption Day in 2012?

A. Saturday, November 17

4. Which two Presidents were adopted?

A. President Gerald Ford and President Bill Clinton, both of whom were adopted by their step-fathers.

5. Who was the only President that was an adoptive parent?

A. President Ronald Reagan, who along with First Lady Nancy, adopted their son Michael.

6. Which was the first state to attempt to regulate adoption through a written law?

A. Massachusetts (1851)

7. In what year was the first New York State adoption law enacted?

A. 1873

8. Which famous singing couple are both adopted?

A. Country singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

How did everyone do?