Are You Ready To Consider Adoption?

While growing up and dreaming of one day being a parent, growing your family through adoption may not have crossed your mind. If you are now attempting to grow your family through pregnancy and have been unsuccessful, that will often be a traumatic experience. Before considering adoption, it is important to fully come to grips and accept infertility.

The Adoption STAR website has a self-assessment tool that may assist you with this exploration. When you are finished taking the self-assesment, you may wish to take a second quiz that may help you decide if  are ready to consider adoption. It is important to answer all of the questions honestly so you can utilize this questionnaire as a self-assessment tool to help you determine your plans in the future.

If you would like to assess whether or not you are ready to stop attempting to become pregnant and consider adoption as an option, this quiz may help. Please remember adoption may cure childlessness but it will not cure infertility.

If you believe you are ready to consider adoption there are many ways to contact Adoption STAR. You can email us at, call the office at (716)639-3900 or fill out this contact form.