This Week on Facebook: Planking, an Earthquake and More

We have a lot of great conversations on the Adoption STAR Facebook page each week, so every Thursday we’ll review the week that was on the Adoption STAR Facebook page for those of you that are not one of the over 750 million Facebook users.

On Monday we featured Adoption STAR Adoption Social Worker and received comments such as:

“All I can say is ‘Thanks Kathy'” from Shannon M

“Kathy has been one of the greatest supports for me through my journey and I wish every birth mother was able to have the opportunity to benefit from the amazing work Kathy can do. 1,000 thanks to her…So happy to see her featured here!!” – from Meagan Buchert

The talk of Tuesday was the earthquake felt across the east coast. Personally I felt my desk shake a little bit, and originally I thought someone was just shaking the desk until I noticed everyone talking about an earthquake on Facebook. We had several people in WNY respond that they did feel the earthquake, while our very own CEO and Founder Michele Fried claims to have missed it.

We also discussed planking on Tuesday, which included a great picture of a person planking on an airplane. For those unfamilliar with planking, it is the act of laying flat face down in unusual places. Stay tuned on Friday for Adoption STAR’s attempt at Planking!impressive-airplane-plank-31421-1306249623-8

Wednesday brought a discussion of trans-racial adoption, and Belinda R. commented that “I guess my ‘aha moment’ to change our profile to be open to all races was when I volunterred at the Buffalo Dream Center for Teen MOPS. I helped with child care and fell in love with the children. All children need a good home.”

Thursday mornings discussion centered around how some of our families decided to consider adoption as an option.

Parker G commented that his family began to consider adoption “After our three IFV pregnancies ended in miscarriages. All of which led us to our beautiful Geneva Belle!”

Sandra D commented that “It just seemed natural. I thought about adoption from the time I was a child. Adoption is just the path we were meant to take. Four years of infertility surgery that did nothing but keep me in pain and was not worth it in the long run. Thank you to grandma in heaven for teaching me about adoption and for adopting my aunt and uncle.”

We encourage everyone to continue these conversations on the blog, and if you haven’t done so join the Adoption STAR Facebook page.