Brunch with the Gays – An LGBTQIA+ Adoption Conversation

Join Intake Manager Shaun Doyle, Compliance Director Zack Fried and Associate Director Michael Hill for virtual brunch during Pride Month as they talk about LGBTQIA+ Adoption and Adoption STAR’s commitment to providing inclusive and innovative LGBTQIA+ friendly adoption services for all.

On this episode of STAR! An Adoption Podcast:

  • Learn why its not only important but essential to learn about Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) during the adoption process,
  • Hear Shaun and Michael share their experiences adopting as LGBTQIA+ parents
  • Tune into how Adoption STAR is celebrating Pride this year even without the Pride parade.

Human Rights Campaign’s “All Children, All Families” program provides accreditation for agencies that are LGBTQIA+ competent in providing services to all parts of the adoption triad.

For two years, Adoption STAR has been awarded the highest level “Innovator” status. But what does that actually mean for LGBTQIA+ folks and adoption? Shaun, Zack and Michael will discuss that and more over a slice of virtual avocado toast in this week’s episode: “Brunch with the Gays, and LGBTQIA+ Adoption Conversation Podcast.