Birth Mother’s Write to Adoption STAR…

When we receive letters or cards of appreciation from our adoptive parents the staff glows as anyone would.  We love to hear that our hard work was meaningful to our clients.  When we receive a note from a birth mother, the praise is extra special, as we always find it bittersweet that she actually has found the strength to thank us.  Here are excerpts of some letters received over the years so you can get a feel for what the Adoption STAR agency has meant to our birth parent clients:


Adoption STAR,

Thank you so very much for all you have done for me and my baby.  I am so grateful to have found this agency and having all your help and support.  I will be eternally grateful.  I also think my counselor is a true angel from up above.

Love, Jennifer


I thought the services were fantastic.  I never felt uncomfortable in any of the meetings.  I felt that you would all help me through the decision and support me 100% — and you did.  Thank you for making me feel comfortable and at ease through this process.



I called Adoption STAR… At no time did I feel pressured or disrespected for making this decision…. Michele explained everything to me before signing the papers… It was arranged for me to meet Daniel’s parents.  Even thought they don’t think they are the perfect couple, it was as if I knew them, I felt so comfortable with the adoptive parents.  I have a semi open adoption where the family will send me pictures and letters to let me know how Daniel is doing.  I love his family and I love this agency… I receive newsletters and the agency checks up on me.  I recommend this agency to anyone mainly for how I was treated (with respect), and because (some of them) they have adopted children also.  This agency is wonderful. I have nothing but positive things to say.  I could go on and on — they are one of a kind.

Thank you,



I think that having my adoption go through Adoption STAR was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I don’t think that any other agency would have seemed so concerned with every small detail, and what I preferred…I had a fear that I would regret placing J for adoption, but because of my open relationship with the adoptive parents I actually felt better about myself knowing that I did the right thing for not only J but for the adoptive parents and their other daughter which they also adopted…. Adoption STAR is a wonderful adoption agency because counseling was provided during and after the pregnancy, open adoptions are greatly encouraged, and even the fellow birth mothers are supportive afterwards… I don’t really have many post placement needs, because I wanted to recover emotionally on my own.  But the staff did contact me a few times after birth to check up on how I was doing which was nice.  It made me feel that I was still important even thought the actual adoption process and placement was over… Over all I was very happy with everything Adoption STAR did for me, and I was ever in that situation again I would probably notify Adoption STAR about my pregnancy even before my parents, because I’m sure that the staff would make it easier to tell other people including my parents about my situation.  I felt that the people I worked with at Adoption STAR became a part of my family when I needed people who understood the most.

Thank you very much,



My name is Lisa and Adoption STAR made me feel like they care about me as a person. I got to pick the family I wanted.  You see we have two boys at home. I work third shift and my husband is working first shift.  We could not financially and emotionally deal with a newborn.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love all my kids very much. But to be able to give someone else the joy of a baby girl was the greatest decision I ever made.  If I had a friend or knew of someone looking for an adoption agency, I would tell them they should call Adoption STAR.



I called Adoption STAR when I was about 6 months pregnant… they were real nice on the phone.  Then they sent someone out to my home… she was very nice and she was not there to judge me… I got to choose my baby’s family; learn things about them and talk to them on the phone.  My daughter is with a good, caring family and I don’t have a worry in the world that I did the wrong thing for my baby.  Thanks to the Adoption STAR agency.



Hello Sue!

You are my fairy God-mother! Thank you for helping me and my birth mom find my new family.  It is thanks to you that I now have a loving home to go to and the adoptive parents anyone could ask for!  The person you are cannot be found anywhere else and your love and hard work has changed my life forever. Since this is not goodbye and simply “see ya later,”  please be on the look out for pictures and letters from me as I grow and become even cuter. You mean the world to us, both mommy and me and (mom & dad) are thankful for what you have done for us.

Hugs and Kisses,

Baby H

(written on behalf of Baby H by her birth mother)