What is ICPC

This blog post was written by Adoption STAR’s Ohio Program Director, Angela Laman. She can be contacted by email at angela@adoptionstar.com

As Adoption STAR’s Ohio Program Director, I have been asked many questions regarding the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) and what it means to a prospective adoptive parent(s) if they were to adopt outside of their home state.  It is important to know that if a child is born in one state known as the “sending state” and the adoptive family resides in another state known as the “receiving state”, the adoption placement must be approved by ICPC. It is illegal to allow a child across state lines without initially complying with the ICPC requirements.

Compliance differs depending on whether your state (in this case Ohio) is the sending or receiving state. It is required that Adoption STAR complete and submit the necessary paperwork to comply with the state’s Compact Administrator who oversees the process of interstate placements.

The documentation required for ICPC approval includes the home study, the child’s birth information and any other health information, social/medical history on the birth parents, and surrender documentation from the birth parents. This documentation is forwarded to the ICPC office in the sending state for approval and then forwarded to the ICPC office in the receiving state. Each ICPC office reviews the documents to verify that their state laws have been complied with.

The length of time the family spends in the receiving state will vary. Once the ICPC approval has been made between the sending and the receiving states, the child can then cross state lines to the receiving state. Before an adoption can be finalized proof that the ICPC was approved has to be provided to the court finalizing the adoption.

All states, as well as Washington DC, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, are members of ICPC. It’s role is to assure that Adoption STAR has the appropriate authority to do place the child for adoption, that the birth parents and adoptive parents rights are protected and that the child will be in a safe and appropriate placement in the new state.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on ICPC, please contact Adoption STAR by email at info@adoptionstar.com or toll-free at (866)691-3300.