Blog Post by Angela Tucker – Genetics, Adoption and First World Curiosities

This fascinating blog post by Angela Tucker will get you thinking about “nature versus nurture” as it relates to adoptees.

Nature_versus_NurtureWe’ve shared some of Angela Tucker’s blog posts before, largely because we find them to be both insightful and well written. Adoption STAR’s Director of Adoption Kathy Crissey got to attend one of Angela’s presentations at a recent conference (which Kathy wrote about in her “Letter from the Associate Director” in Adoption STAR’s October E-Newsletter).

This recent blog post was featured on Angela’s website on September 30th, 2014.

If you get an opportunity, some of the comments regarding Angela’s blog post are well worth reading. Of special interest are the comments made by adoptive parents that recognize similarities shared between their children and their children’s birth families.