Personal Decisions – Preparing for Baby’s Arrival

Prospective adoptive parents have lots of decisions to make regarding preparations for the arrival of their child, such as this: “Should we get the baby’s nursery ready in advance?”

12Some prospective adoptive parents decorate the nursery and purchase everything they can before a baby’s arrival. Others are more superstitious and just can’t purchase one thing until after the baby arrives. Some of these behaviors come from family traditions or from religious teachings. Within adoption, it may be best to take the “middle of the road” approach. It is usually not suggested to prepare a baby’s nursery prior to adoption placement. Unlike a 9-month gestational period, you have not idea when your baby will arrive. It is also emotionally challenging for many parents to view an empty nursery day in, day out while waiting for their child.

Some good advice might be to register at baby supply stores or keep a written record of the items, brands, and quantities that you’d like to have. This list will be helpful to whomever you designate as “shopper” while you are busy picking up baby or as a gift list for those who wish to purchase something that you really need (or want) for baby.

The best way to prepare yourself for your adopted baby’s arrival is to educate yourself about adoption, to connect with an adoption support group, and to talk with other adoptive parents who experienced “waiting” for their baby.