Books Reviews by Adoption STAR Staff – Teen-Specific Literature

Teenager_Boy_clip_art_hightFolks that regularly read our agency’s monthly e-newsletter may have caught a series of brief book summaries recently written by Chris Fancher. One of the books he reviewed was Adopted Teens Only: A Survival Guide to Adolescence by Danea Gorbett. Chris said,

“In addition to Beneath the Mask, this book serves as the second book in the Adoption STAR library that specifically addresses the issues adopted teenagers face. This book is directed towards the teenager audience, not the parents, and discusses the various sensitive topics about being adopted that these teenagers must face.”

Wendy Lane was intrigued by Chris’ summary of the book, so she decided to read it herself. After doing so, she offered up the following commentary:

“It is a quick read and well worth it for adopted teens as well as parents of adopted teens. There are so many books written for parents of younger children, it was refreshing to read a book directed at teens that have been adopted. The author normalizes a lot of the thoughts and feelings adoptive children may have about themselves, their family and/or their peers. The book offers ways to bring up sensitive topics to adoptive parents, struggles with identity, true stories about birth mothers, and issues that may come up regarding search and reunion. It scratches the surface of many topics, offering practical advice and making connections. It may be just what is needed to get families thinking and talking. I plan on giving it to my daughter to read in a year or two (reading is not her favorite thing right now).
This book is in our library if anyone wants to borrow it just give the office a call!”