Bulgarian Boy in Need of a Forever Family

Billy is waiting for his family…and now has a $3,000 grant towards the cost of his adoption.


Bulgaria sounds so far away. But for Adoption STAR it’s a country that feels close at heart. So many Bulgarian children are waiting for permanent, loving homes, and we are committed to helping make this happen!

Billy has just turned 5 years old and since he was 10 days old he has lived in one of Bulgaria’s northernmost orphanages, bordering Romania.

Since birth, Billy has had decreased muscle tone and flexibility. He was eventually diagnosed with congenital hydrocephalus for which he has had surgery, cerebral palsy, convergent concomitant strabismus and developmental delay.

Despite the labels, this little one is determined. He delights in walking with his hands held by adults, and shares smiles and belly laughs with those who entertain him.

Billy receives physical therapy and gets stronger through his efforts to explore the world around him. Inquisitive in nature he seems to crave interaction with others and initiates contact with other children and adults that he lives and plays with.

He tries to be independent in any skills he can master, including feeding himself and demonstrating persistence in tasks he is given.
We are so impressed by his ambitious and interactive nature.

At about 40 inches tall, this peanut is a large present in a small package. We hope that he soon joins his family and we can watch him grow and change before our very eyes!

This engaging little boy is waiting for a permanent family who can accept his current delays and diagnoses and provide him with a nurturing, accepting, and stimulating environment to help him reach his full potential. Adoption STAR has more detailed medical and growth information, including photos and video on Billy that we can review with a prospective family.

We know the perfect family for Billy is out there waiting for him too!

We hope that the $3,000 grant, made possible by Elly’s Angel’s donation to Adoption STAR we will soon join Billy with his family!

With questions about Billy or the International Adoption Process e-mail megan@adoptionstar.com.

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