The Private Track has a New Lead

The Private Track Explained. Adoptive Parent Mentor & Coach Sue Reardon now heads the program.


After more than ten years as a STAR client and adoptive mom, I’m thrilled with the opportunity to now be on staff with such a fantastic Agency! I’m equally excited to be involved with the Private Track Program. Many don’t realize that over half of the women choosing to place their infants for adoption will locate an adoptive family themselves or with the help of family, friends, clergy, physicians, etc. Private Adoption is a proven method!

When pursuing a Private (or Independent) Adoption, a family works to locate a potential Birth Mother on their own. This process puts greater control in the hands of the prospective adoptive parents. They are able to choose where and when they will advertise and what level of resources they will commit to their search. It is often associated with lower fees and can shorter wait times.

However, pursuing a Private Adoption typically means forgoing the support and expertise of an Agency. This means that the Birth Parents are receiving little to no counseling and individuals are left to navigate their way their way through the process without adequate knowledge or support. They may not understand the specific adoption laws in each state and might, unknowingly, jeopardize the adoption. And by solely relying on an attorney, billable hours can add up quickly.

By marrying the best qualities of both routes, it makes Agency-Assisted Private Adoption an attractive and much healthier approach for all. The program Adoption STAR offers provides the tools and training necessary for identifying potential situations as well as support and guidance throughout the entire process. It really is the best of both worlds.

I would encourage anyone considering Private Adoption, or looking to explore their options, to please reach out. I would be happy to discuss the “Agency Assisted Private Adoption Program” with you.

I can be reach anytime at or by calling the office at (716) 639-3900.

I look forward to speaking with you!


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