Calling All Adoption STAR Babies…

Please consider providing us with a picture of your Adoption STAR child for use in our new social media-based graphics.
Earlier this year, we decided to try something different with our blogging/social media postings. Historically, we had developed 5 agency blog posts per week (which were published on our agency’s website and promoted via our social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook). In addition to this, we were publishing what we call “weekend quotes.” These are inspirational quotes that are placed on an Adoption STAR-branded background image and published via our social media accounts on Saturday and Sundays.

Interestingly enough, the “weekend quotes” are getting a lot of interest. People really seem to enjoy viewing (and then sharing) the quotes/images. As a result, we decided to move away from the “5 blogs per week” format. As our blog readers know, we still publish multiple blogs on a weekly basis, but instead of 5 it’s now typically 3. To supplemental the fewer number of blog posts, we hired a fabulous graphic designer named Sarah Kirell to develop something new for us: a visually pleasing graphic (most typically featuring an Adoption STAR baby) coupled with an inspirational quote. These are usually shared 2 times per week, and WOW, in just a few weeks’ time they’ve become a real hit.

Here’s the problem: we’re running out of Adoption STAR baby pictures that we feel are suitable for this project. So, we’re turning to all the Adoption STAR adoptive parents out there for help. We want YOU to send us you’re child’s picture(s)!

Ideally, this is what we’re looking for:

  1. A high resolution photograph.
  2. JPEG files only, please.
  3. No smaller than 700px by 700px.
  4. ]The photos should focus on the child and ONLY the child (not, for example, a parent holding their baby).
  5. We’re looking for pictures that were taken when the child was less than a year for sure (ideally 6 months old or less).
  6. If you have any favorite photos that fit the bill, please e-mail them directly to Adoption STAR staff member Sue Reardon at
  7. Submission of photos does not guarantee they’ll be utilized, but you’ll certainly be “in the running” as a result of sending them to us for consideration.

DISCLAIMER: By submitting photos, you agree to permit Adoption STAR and its authorized representatives to use your photographed material. You further agree that any or all of the photographed material may be used, in any form, as a part of any future publications, brochures, or other printed or electronic materials used to promote Adoption STAR, and further that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation.

Thanks in advance for your participation! Now send us those adorable baby pictures, everyone.