Cultural Event For Rochester-Based Families

An upcoming event called “Korea Night” may be of particular interest to families touched by international adoption and/or transracial adoption.
When it comes to ensuring that a child maintains a connection to his/her cultural heritage, Adoption STAR talks a lot about the many ways families can help facilitate this, including (but not limited to):
Honoring and celebrating the child’s culture,
Openly discussing and reading about the child’s culture,
Regularly exposing the child to activities, events, and people that are a part of the child’s culture.

A resource for Rochester-based families recently came to our attention, and we wanted to publicize this great opportunity.

The University of Rochester’s Korean American Students’ Association (KASA) is holding it’s annual Korea Night, which will feature family activities, games, dancing, music, and more. As KASA members themselves say, “with more than 150 audience members attending each year, we want your family to come!”

The event is happening on Saturday, March 28th at the University of Rochester starting at 8pm. The cost of the event is $10.00 per person and payable at the time of the event. For planning purposes, KASA is asking that folks RSVP via e-mail –

For more information about the event, please review the following link: Korea Night 2015