Dealing with Post Adoption Issues

International Adoption Coordinator Meg Montgomery formally invites you to attend an upcoming agency event.
When parents have questions about raising their children, they typically turn to: parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, pediatricians, a rabbi or minister, or a trusted book or website. These resources are often enough to gather information and make a decision about how to proceed. I know when I contemplated the best way to help my daughter get rid of her “binky,” I called my friends with children, spoke with my mom, and did a little Internet research. I settled on a solution that seemed to work for my daughter.

Now add in the element of adoption to your “whatever your current parenting dilemma may be” and you might find yourself wondering, “Could adoption support help me or my family with our current situation?”

Post adoption support is not much different from parenting support in the sense that any time you have a question you should have someone to turn to. For example, you might find yourself asking:

  • My child is angry with his birth mother. Who can educate me on how I can best help him cope?
  • Where do I turn to find out if my daughter’s recent acting out has to do with her adoption history (or if it is fairly typical 8 year old behavior)?

Many “tried and true” parenting resources don’t always have the experience or wisdom you seek because adoption is not part of their experience. Issues like the ones outlined above represent an ideal time to utilize more specific post adoption support.

Post adoption support includes calling for an opinion about how to handle a certain situation. Post adoption support includes family-centered treatment for attachment issues. Post adoption support includes anything related to or possibly related to your family’s adoption experience. You can find this support in many places within the community at large.

Come join Adoption STAR for Dealing with Post Adoption Issues: Knowing When You Need Help, with Meg Montgomery (LMSW) and a panel of adoptive parents and professionals.
October 29, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Adoption STAR, 131 John Muir Drive, Amherst, New York, 14228