Dear Future Baby

Creativity shines in an amazing video by two prospective adoptive dads that are looking forward to becoming fathers someday.
Adoption STAR staff members are committed to staying up to date and in the know about all things related to adoption. In the age of the Internet, staying current with adoption news and information sometimes takes unexpected turns, as is the case with a video that’s recently gone viral. It features two prospective adoptive fathers (Joe Morales and Joey Famoso) signing a song to their “future baby.”

Adoption STAR’s International Adoption Coordinator Meg Montgomery is the person that first brought the video to our attention. Several staff members made comments after viewing the video, including the following:

Zack Fried, Client Relationship Manager: “This is incredibly creative. What an innovative way to showcase their personalities – such a unique format! It’s hard not to bop around while watching and listening to the video.”

Sue Reardon, Adoptive Parent Coach and Mentor: “Extremely clever. And in a process in which you hope to ‘stand out’ among the masses, they have clearly hit the ball out of the park. And even without viewing a ‘traditional profile,’ there is still great insight into their personalities, as well as their plans and hopes for a child. Well done, gentlemen.”

To view the video (and to read a bit more about the couple, as well as what others are saying about the video, the Internet as an adoption tool, and more), visit the Today Parents article here: ‘Dear Future Baby’: Aspiring dads sing love song to future child