Thoughts on “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”

Adoption STAR staff share their thoughts/feelings after viewing a film that touches on adoption, older child adoptTheOddLifeofTimothyGreenBlurayComboion, infertility, parenthood, and more.

Lori Craig, Executive Administrator:

The Odd Life of Timothy Green touched me as a parent of grown sons. I felt the movie reflected some of the many universal hopes and losses that often make up the parenthood journey through life. There’s the hope for a child to join your family, the hope you have as a parent that all is (and will stay) right in your child’s world, and the hope you have for your child to grow up loved, healthy and happy. In terms of losses, there’s the realization that all is not always right in your child’s world (at least through a parent’s eyes), and that even when your child does indeed grow up loved, healthy and happy, and they move on independently with their life once grown. A holding on and a letting go, and hopefully finding the loving strength to keep moving forward – that is the dance of parenthood so beautifully reflected in this movie.

Kathy Crissey, Director of Adoption

This is the second time I have seen this movie and thoroughly enjoyed watching it again. I love that they focus on older children and the dynamics between the characters is wonderful. So many real life messages in this movie, from the struggles of attempting to become parents to the love that can instantly happen in an adoption.

Chris Fancher, Post Adoption Correspondence/Office Support

Before watching it last week, I had never seen “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” before. I remember watching the previews for it back when it was released and I thought it was something that would be interesting to watch, but I simply never got around to it. Ultimately, this is one of the best movies and stories I have seen in the past five years.

A repeated motif throughout the film is this idea of “creation.” In fact, Tim Green, new father in the movie, even states at one point that he, “thought to be a part of making something, that’s a great feeling.” From the very opening credit with the Green family’s struggle with infertility, to the creation of their child on notebook pages, to the invention of the pencil made of leaves, this concept of creation is strong throughout the story.

I find this to be meaningful because the process of adoption and fostering can be considered a “loss of the ability to create.” With a movie that is associated so closely with adoption and foster care, the strong motif of creation suggests something more than simple irony. I believe that the juxtaposition of this creation motif and the adoption and fostering themes throughout the movie implies that the processes of adoption and foster care are creation, just in a different way than we are accustomed to. Timothy Green’s life shows us that adoption is not a “loss of the ability to create,” but just a different way to.

I would recommend “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” to anyone who is searching for a great movie, and especially those who are considering starting the adoption or foster journey.

Michele Fried, Founder/CEO

I think it is a gem. This is the third time I have seen it and it still makes me cry. It’s a recommended film for all individuals and couples considering parenthood. It reminds you to examine your dreams and begin to question them. One of my favorite lines in the film is, “It’s not that we wanted him to be perfect. We wanted it to be perfect.” As parents we often have expectations of others, especially our children, but we need to question why we have these expectations. The film subtly weaves in so many important lessons about parenthood and other relationships. I also feel it is especially wonderful, as in my opinion it promotes both foster care and older child adoption.

Zack Fried, Client Relationship Manager

The Odd Life of Timothy Green reaches out to both adults and children in a touching story about hopes, love, relationships, and parenthood. Prospective adoptive parents may be able to relate to the main characters’ roller coaster of emotions throughout the film, with laughter and tears. For a movie that is sure to cause its audience to view life in a variety of different perspectives, this is one for all to see. The acting, the symbolism, and the ability to keep you glued to the screen will make everyone want to add this movie to their home collection.

Jeri Olson, Bookkeeper

What a wonderful movie!!! Timothy had such innocence about him, yet he taught everyone he came in contact with so much about life and what is really important. We all want to have the perfect life for our family and ourselves, but Timothy was happy to just be alive and be part of the world around him. He didn’t let fear of failure stop him and knew anything was possible if you just believed. Life isn’t always about succeeding, being the best or out performing others. It is stopping to soak up the sun as is shines down on you.