Developing A Profile

Prospective adoptive parents often experience stress over creating their adoption profile book. Here are some general thoughts and reflections on profile development.

No-StressAdoption STAR Associate Director Michael Hill touched on the stress that prospective adoptive parents often feel during profile development as a part of the following Adoption STAR blog post in early October 2014:

Reflections on Recent Adoption STAR Orientations

There’s no denying that the development of the profile book is a key part of the adoption journey. The profile represents, in words and pictures, the hopeful adoptive family and what makes them unique and special.

It’s important to remember that above all, expectant parents are looking for someone to love their child as much as they do. When expectant parents look at profiles, it is impossible to know what will make them choose one family versus another. However, a key element to profile success is having an excellent stock of photos to review and choose from when it’s time to create the profile.

For insight regarding some birth mother perspective on profiles/choosing a family, please read the following Adoption STAR blog post from early June 2011:

Adoption Profiles From a Birth Mother’s Point Of View

If the process of profile development seems overly daunting or you feel as though you don’t have the necessary skill set to develop the kind of profile you want, considering reaching our to Adoption STAR’s Adoptive Parent Coach and Mentor Sue Reardon, who can talk to you about Adoption STAR’s Profile Solutions program. You can read more about Profile Solutions here:

Adoption Profiles that Work!