Words of Wisdom from Birth Mothers

Here’s a compilation of some powerful quotes from women that choose to make an adoption plan for their child.

openadopt1Adoption STAR staff and clients will happily share adoption-related resources with one another, and we love and value this type of reciprocity. A recent example of this (as both a client and a staff member brought our attention to it) is a piece entitled Stories from Birthmothers. It’s an impressive compilation of personal stories/reflections from women who have placed children for adoption. We thought we’d taken an opportunity to share some quotes from the piece itself, as we feel as though the quotes hold value for adoptive parents and birth parents alike.

“Even though I did not deal with it well at first, I am learning how to be the person she will need when she comes back into my life and I know she will one day.” – Carol Lynn

“The choice you are making will impact every emotion you have ever had, including some you have never felt.” – Ilene

“Placement day is probably the one day that I will remember nearly every second of for the rest of my life.” – Courtney

“I made it through the first year. I reflected on those twelve months and was amazed that I had survived. I was stronger than I ever would have imagined myself to be.” – Angie

“I told her how much I loved her, how much she changed my life, that I wasn’t placing her because I didn’t love her, but that I loved her too much to not give her the life she deserved.” – Amy

“People often ask me if I had known all that I know today (the pain, the struggle) if I would still make the decision I did. The answer is undeniably yes.” – Amanda